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Even Mild Brain Injury Can Mean Long-Term Health Consequences for Children

Children who suffer even a mild brain injury like a concussion can suffer long-term health consequences that may be evident for years after the injury.

According to a new study that was conducted in Sweden, young people who have suffered even a mild brain injury are at risk for various health problems including psychiatric problems later in life. They may also be at risk of dying prematurely.

The study was based on an analysis of 100,000 persons who had suffered a traumatic brain injury before they reached the age of 25. Children who had suffered an injury were found to be more likely to die early, and also suffer psychological problems as adults. The risk of long-term consequences was higher among children who were older when they suffered the injury, as well as those who suffered more severe injuries or had repeated injuries.

Children with a brain injury were also found to have lower levels of educational accomplishment compared to children who had not suffered a brain injury. They were more likely to be dependent on welfare, or disability pension benefits as adults. Overall, children with a TBI had a 10% higher risk of suffering a psychiatric disorder as adults, as well as a 2% higher risk of premature death.

It’s important to appropriately and fully account for all personal injury damages when you have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Damages must include not just immediate and short-term medical expenses, lost income, and other immediate expenses, but also long-term medical costs like the cost of rehabilitation, therapy, and surgeries in the future. Also account for possible diminished earning capacity in the future to make up for the shortfall in income and earnings that brain injury victims can expect.

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