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Elevator Injuries Among Senior Citizens on the Rise

Study Indicates Rise in Elevator Injuries Among Senior Citizens

Every year, thousands of elderly persons are injured in elevator accidents. That information comes via a study conducted by researchers at the Department of public health at the Indiana University School of Medicine. According to the researchers, elderly persons are likely to suffer slip and fall accidents, or get caught between elevator doors. Those are two of the most common ways senior citizens suffer injuries in elevators.

The researchers studied data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission between 1990 and 2006. They found that there were approximately 44,870 elevator injuries involving the elderly, during this period of time. The injuries were serious enough for the person to be admitted to the hospital. Fifty one percent of these injuries were caused by slip and fall accidents. The most frequently seen injuries were sprains, followed by fractures and cuts. Hip fractures were the most common injuries that required admission into a hospital. Most injuries involved women, and the risk of injuries increased with the age of the victim.

The elderly may not be able to avoid using elevators. However, they must exercise great care when using these. Most injuries occur when the person is getting into or out of the elevator. Therefore, avoid rushing to get in. It’s far better to wait for another elevator car. The elderly must also take great care with their walkers and canes as they get into and out of the elevator. Most injuries involve hands, legs and walking aids getting caught in the elevator doors.

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