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DUI Accident Risks Increase by 150% on New Year’s Holiday

One of the most serious and deadliest types of auto accidents is the DUI accident. Unfortunately, holidays result in a significant increase in DUI accidents. If Atlanta auto accident attorneys wanted more proof about the increased drunk driving hazards on New Year’s, the American Automobile Association has more evidence. According to a survey conducted by the AAA, a person’s risk of being involved in a drunk driving accident increases by 150% on New Year’s Day.

It’s never been a secret that drunk driving hazards increase over New Year’s, already believed to be one of the most alcohol-heavy holidays of the year. However, the AAA survey puts those hazards in grim perspective. If you are out driving over New Year’s this weekend, your likelihood of being involved in a fatal accident increases by 150%.

That number is not a joke. It’s very important not only to understand that driving under the influence is foolish behavior for you, but also to watch out for other intoxicated motorists around you. You may not be able to control other people’s driving behavior, but you can increase your own chances of surviving an accident. Wear your seatbelts, switch off your cell phones, and maintain low speeds as you drive over the New Year’s holiday. Avoid busy roads and highways over the holiday.

The AAA survey also points to the kind of disconnect that exists between awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, and actual public behavior.In spite of the fact that most Americans are aware of the dangers of drunk driving, too many of them admit to driving under the influence. It’s hard to understand what else can be done, besides passing of stronger DUI laws, to minimize the numbers of intoxicated motorists further.

This New Year’s, we would like all of our readers to stay sober and stay safe.

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