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Drunk Driver Warning for Fourth of July

Independence Day is the holiday highlight of the summer, but it’s also the deadliest weekend of the year where traffic accidents are concerned.
So before the parades roll out, the cymbals clash, and sparklers light the sky, we want to issue an important word of warning to all our clients, neighbors, and friends in the community: people will be driving under the influence of alcohol this weekend.

Each year, DUI ranks as the #1 cause of death for travelers during the Fourth of July. These are preventable deaths caused by the careless decisions of revelers who take the party too far. You don’t have to be one of their victims.

Please keep your family safe this holiday. Give our guidelines a glance and put them into practice all weekend long.

How to Spot a Drunk Driver

Fireworks are easy to see —they light up the whole sky. Drunk drivers aren’t always so obvious, but by keeping a careful lookout, you can sometimes spot them before it’s too late.

Here’s what to look for in other motorists:

•Driving at a very slow speed

•Taking extremely wide turns

• Weaving in and out of lanes

• Unaware that their headlights are off

•Narrowly avoiding accidents or objects in the road

•Straddling the highway dividers

•Repeatedly entering the road’s shoulder

• Stopping at green lights

•Running red lights

• Using turn signals that don’t make sense

•Any other signs of dangerous, reckless, or unfocused driving

Be a Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles don’t miss much. There’s a reason we all use the phrase “eagle-eyed.”Of course, they also happen to be our national mascot. So this holiday, take your cue from them and remain vigilant.

Here’s how to respond to a drunk driver:

•Get out of the way. Exit the highway if necessary.

•Maintain a safe following distance. Drunk drivers tend to stop abruptly.

•Don’t confront or engage. Don’t try to pass them.

•Make sure everyone in your car is securely fastened.

• Call 911 with a description of the car, its location and direction, and a license plate number if you have it.

Have a Spectacular Holiday!

From our firm to your family, please stay safe this Fourth of July weekend. Your safety is our biggest concern. It’s why we do what we do. Please remember that we’re always here for you.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! God Bless America!

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