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Drones Could Play a Critical Role in Post-Accident Emergency Care

In the future, drones carrying blood products and medical supplies could prove to be an integral part of emergency and critical care after an accident.

The first few hours after any car or truck wreck are critical for a victim. In fact, in severe accidents, the first hour after the event is extremely crucial, and is often referred to as the “golden hour.” It is during this time that the quality and speed of care delivered to the victim really matters. Delays in receiving emergency medical care during this important time could mean the difference between life and death for injured victims.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that drones can be used effectively to transport large bags of blood products to accident sites and other areas where such critical measures are needed.   The cooler technology used in the study was able to maintain the proper temperature of the products.

According to the research, drones were able to deliver blood products quickly, efficiently and safely.  This is especially useful in the case of auto accidents in rural Georgia areas.  In these cases, victims may have delayed access to emergency and critical care, or may lack access to the kind of infrastructure that is necessary to immediately determine a person’s blood type. According to this Johns Hopkins study, drones can be used to significantly reduce the time required to transmit important information, and also deliver life-saving items.

Our Atlanta injury attorneys believe technology should be used as much as possible to help individuals get the care they need quickly.  II should, however, also be balanced against any potential dangers that are created as a result of its use.

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