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Dog in DeKalb County Attack Quarantined

The dog that attacked and bit an adult male and two children in a house in Lithonia, DeKalb County continues to be quarantined, while the victims have threatened legal action unless the pit bull is put to sleep.

Maurice Jones has had to undergo treatment at the hospital for wounds sustained in the attack that occurred when the pit bull came chasing after two children, and into the yard of the house he was in.The dog apparently belonged to a neighbor, and although there has been no confirmation yet, it seems to have escaped through a broken down fence that separated the two houses.The two children who were also attacked, including a three-year-old child, sustained serious injuries, including head injuries.

New developments have confirmed that the owner of the house in which the dog bite attack took place had written to his neighbor a week before the incident, expressing concern over the fact that the fence was in a state of disrepair, and that the two dogs – there was another pit-bull raised in the house, besides the one involved in the attack – could break free.No charges have been filed yet, and the owner has expressed his remorse over the incident.

Remorse seems a little irrelevant when you have a three-year-old child whose head has been severely mauled by a pit bull that should never have been unleashed and out of its enclosure.This child has obviously been traumatized, and it’s evident that there has been some negligence here which resulted in a known vicious breed of dog escaping and attacking perfectly innocent outsiders.

Owners of pit bulls and other aggressive breeds of dogs are required to keep these secured, and on a leash.No matter what the provocation, for a pit bull to come rushing out of its enclosure ready to attack anything in its path, is completely unacceptable and gross negligence on the part of its owner. A victim of a dog bite attack can be eligible for compensation for hospitalization and medical bills.Extensive plastic surgery may be required to treat any disfigurement or scarring that often results in such animal attacks. In such cases, an experienced Atlanta dog bite lawyer can help victims obtain the compensation they deserve for all the treatment expenses they may face not only in the immediate future, but also over the long term.

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