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Doctors, Lawyers are at Higher Risk of Auto Accidents

Doctors and lawyers are most at risk for auto accidents, at least according to a list of the most accident-prone professions in the country. The list was released by and the Quality Planning Corporation, a company that validates policyholder information for insurers. The company has collected and analyzed data about car accidents based on profession, and ranks doctors at No.1 on the list.

Every year, there are:

1. 109 accidents and 44 speeding tickets for every 1000 doctors

2. 106 auto accidents and 37 speed tickets for every 1000 lawyers

3. 105 auto accidents and 72 speeding tickets for every 1000 architects

4. 102 accidents and 39 speeding tickets for 1000 real estate brokers

5. 99 accidents and 78 speeding tickets for 1000 enlisted military personnel

6. 98 accidents and 38 speeding tickets far every 1000 social workers

7. 99 accidents and 77 speeding tickets for every 1000 manual labors

8. 95 accidents and 40 speeding tickets for every 1000 analysts

9. 94 accidents and 51 speeding tickets for every 1000 engineers

10.94 accidents and 50 speeding tickets for every 1000 consultants

Other professions on the list that didn’t make it to the Top 10, included nurses, insurance agents, librarians, dentists, accountants, firemen, politicians, law enforcement personnel and salespeople.

The list seems to indicate that stress is possibly a bigger factor contributing to auto accidents than Atlanta auto accident lawyers know. Doctors and surgeons do work in high pressure environments. Other professions on the list, like military personnel real estate brokers and lawyers, also work in high pressure, high performance occupations that might increase their chances of being distracted and causing an accident. Besides, doctors who rank at number 1 on the list may also suffer from fatigue especially in the of medical residents.

The list makes for interesting browsing, but we still believe that most auto accidents are entirely preventable.

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