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Dementia Patients Okay to Drive Says Neurology Group

Elderly motorists in Georgia have restrictions imposed on their driving abilities. These are in place to make sure that senior citizens can continue to drive safely in Georgia, without endangering their own safety, as well as the lives and safety of other drivers. Driving for elderly people is not just a convenient way of getting around, but also a major factor in their mental health. Studies have shown that elderly citizens, who have their car keys taken away from them, can fall into a depression. More senior motorists may soon be able to continue with their driving privileges.

The American Academy of Neurology this week said that it would be revising its guidelines allowing patients with mild dementia to continue driving. As of now, the group does not recommend driving privileges for patients diagnosed with even a mild degree of dementia. However under the new guidelines, patients with mild dementia who have a safe accident record and whose families believe they can drive safely, may be able to continue to do so.

According to the group, studies seem to indicate that most persons who suffer from mild dementia pass driving tests successfully. In fact, studies showed that 77 percent of these persons were able to pass these tests, confirming their driving abilities.

As Atlanta car accident lawyers, we believe that families and caregivers of these patients must make the all-important decision of taking away the car keys. If you are a person concerned about your loved one’s ability to drive after he or she has been diagnosed with mild dementia, base yourdecision on this simple question – would you feel safe traveling in a car he or she is driving? If the answer to this question is no, then you must make a firm decision, unpleasant as it may be.

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