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Death in Cobb County, Georgia Car Accident Traced to Red Light Violations

The parents of a young Cobb County woman, who was killed in a car accident two weeks ago, are calling for stronger charges against the motorist involved.Cobb County police are blaming the accident on red light violations. Car accidents involving wrongful deaths often involve a red light violation. Of course, auto accidents of this type also result in significant personal injuries since persons trying to “beat” the red light are often traveling at a high rate of speed. As an Atlanta injury lawyer, I know these cases are occur far too often.

The young woman had been driving a Toyota Safari, which was struck by an Infiniti.The woman had a green light at an intersection, when the Infiniti driver ran a red light and broadsided the Toyota.The Toyota driver suffered serious injuries, and was rushed to the hospital.However, she died two days later.

The Infiniti driver now faces misdemeanor charges.However, the parents of the young woman want felony vehicular homicide charges to be brought against the man.Vehicular homicide charges can only brought in cases where the motorist was driving under the influence, was driving at excessive speeds or was on the run from police.This particular accident doesn’t seem to meet any of those criteria, and therefore, it isn’t very likely that felony charges will be filed here.

Every accident that ends in a death is a tragedy, especially when it is a fatality that is so preventable.Unfortunately, as Atlanta car accident attorneys, we often see that everything which could be done to prevent these accidents has not been done. Although Georgia’s system of red light cameras is helpful in preventing these types of accidents, it has been the target of plenty of criticism and scrutiny.This is in spite of the fact that there are studies to indicate that red light camera systems reduce the incidence of red light violations, and prevent the devastating accidents that result from these violations.

These accidents are devastating because they involve a car running a red light and broad siding, or crashing into the side of another car.The kind of side-impact injuries that result from these accidents are often severely injurious or fatal.

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