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Deadly Memorial Day Weekend in Georgia; 14 dead in Accidents

Fourteen people have been killed in accidents across Georgia over the Memorial Day weekend, including fatal accidents in Cherokee County and Fulton County.

Reports coming before the Memorial Day weekend came to a close to Monday night, had more than 700 people injured in automobile accidents since the holiday began on Friday evening. Overall, Georgia State Patrol responded to more than 2,700 accidents up till 6 pm Monday.

Four of the people who died were traveling in Fulton and Cherokee County. In Fulton County, a motorcycle accident left the 37-year-old motorcyclist dead at the scene. Speed is believed to have caused the accident. A little while later a Honda and a Suburban crashed, killing the Suburban driver. In Cherokee County, a Ford Taurus veered off the road on Highway 20 and crashed into a tree. A driver and a passenger, both Emerson residents died at the scene, while another passenger was airlifted to hospital with critical injuries. Investigators believe driver error and weather conditions may have been a factor in that crash.

Last year, Memorial Day accidents had left 16 people dead and injured more than 900 people. Earlier this week, we reported that Georgia authorities were expecting an increase in the number of accidents this year. This year, gas prices have stabilized and could coax more people behind the wheel, unlike last year when the spike in gas prices led to a drop in the numbers of people traveling in Georgia.

There was some good news coming in from Georgia’s lakes and rivers. According to the Department of Natural Resources, there were no fatalities on the state’s waterways over the weekend. There were ten boating accidents in the state, which resulted in 7 injuries. However, that might have been due to the rainy weather conditions that could have discouraged people from going out in the water.

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