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CPSC Product Safety Database Hit with First Lawsuit – Effort to limit likelihood of Product Liability Claims

This was something that Atlanta personal injury lawyers had been expecting.Ever since the Consumer Product Safety Commission database that allows consumers to upload complaints about products went online, the attorneys at our law firm have been expecting manufacturers to challenge the manner in which the database allows consumers to publicly post complaints about products.That is exactly what has now happened.An unidentified company has filed a lawsuit to block the Consumer Product Safety Commission from posting what it describes as “baseless allegations” about one of its products.

The database in question here is located on the website website is operated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the establishment of the website was one of the provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.That law had been passed after a tumultuous couple of years for product safety in the country.Millions of children’s products and toys had been recalled for high lead content levels, and a number of other deficiencies.The database serves as an early identifier of products which contain defects which may result in severe personal injury or wrongful death.

The database which was launched in March this year, allows consumers to upload complaints about products.These complaints are posted online, and are publicly accessible.Other consumers can view these complaints, and make informed decisions about the products they want to buy.Consumers can post complaints about thousands of products.Manufacturers are given the opportunity to review these complaints, and post their responses.

Manufacturers have been against the establishment of the database from the word “Go.”According to them, the database does not give them enough time to respond to a complaint. Manufacturer fears that these complaints will be used by personal injury attorneys during a product liability lawsuit, have been paramount.

Now, a company has filed a lawsuit against the Consumer Product Safety Commission.The lawsuit has been filed in a federal court in Maryland.The lawsuit seeks to stop the Consumer Product Safety Commission from making public a specific safety incident involving a product.A child was allegedly harmed in that safety incident.The company also wants to keep any relevant documentation and papers under seal.The Consumer Product Safety Commission has said that it will file a motion to have the documents unsealed.

For too long, Atlanta product liability attorneys have found consumers using dangerous and sometimes deadly products, simply due to of lack of information.The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall system has been set up in a manner that delays recalls.Years often can pass from the time a product causes an injury to a person, to the time a recall is announced.During this period of time, the products may be used by thousands of other consumers, placing them all at risk of serious injuries.The CPSC database allows consumers to get the information they need as quickly as possible.

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