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Cars With Taller Front Ends More Likely to Cause Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians  are more likely to suffer fatal personal injuries in a car accident when they are involved in an accident with a large vehicle, like a pick up truck or SUV.  According  to the findings of a new study, however, more than the size of the vehicle, it may be the height of the front end of the truck that may prove most detrimental to pedestrian safety.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently published the findings of two new research studies into pedestrian safety.  According to the researchers, vehicles that have taller, higher front ends are much more likely to cause serious and fatal personal injuries to pedestrians in a car accident.  The study found that cars with a hood height of more than 40 inches were approximately 45% more likely to kill pedestrians involved in an auto accident with the car, in comparison to cars that had a hood height of 30 inches or less.

The worrying part is that vehicles with taller, higher hoods have become extremely popular over the past few decades.  According to research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, over the past 30 years, there has been a significant increase in not just the size and weight of the average vehicle, but also the hood height.  The average car has increased by 8 inches in height and 1000 pounds in weight. Over  the same period of time, cars have also gotten about 4 inches wider and about 10 inches longer. In fact, many vehicles that you see in Atlanta today are likely to be at least 40 inches or higher at the tallest point of the hood.  Aggressive – looking vehicles are not just intimidating to pedestrians, but are also capable of causing serious and devastating personal injuries that can result in wrongful death.

According to the researchers, there is much that auto manufacturers can do to tweak their designs to help protect pedestrians in car accidents. They suggest that auto manufacturers reduce hood height by lowering the front end of the car and also create a sloped angle to the grill and hood.

Pedestrians have  no protection in the event of an auto accident which is why we see so many serious and fatal personal injuries in car collisions involving pedestrians.  Add larger  vehicles like minivans,  pick up trucks and SUVs to the mix, and the risk of death to pedestrians is extremely high. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety researchers are asking automakers  to pay attention to the findings of the study, and especially the fact that taller, larger cars are a safety hazard to pedestrians.

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