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Bus Accident Causes Deaths, Injuries; Underscores Need for More Safety Reforms

A bus accident in Virginia that killed four people would not have occurred if the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had put the bus company out of service for repeated violations.The agency failed to do so, allowing the bus company to operate for a few more days while it appealed. Just a few days later, the bus crashed on a Virginia highway, killing four people and injuring 53 passengers.This is an indication to Atlantaaccident attorneys that the federal agency needs to seriously reconsider its procedures that allow unsafe bus companies to operate.

The federal agency had planned to put the bus company, North Carolina-based Sky Express out of service for a series of repeated violations.What the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration should have done was to force the company to ground all its buses immediately.It failed to do so.Instead, the agency decided to give the company an extension to appeal.This decision proved fatal for at least four passengers on a Sky Express bus that crashed just a few days later.

The bus driver in that accident told investigators later that he had been driving in a fatigued state.Now, the federal agency is being criticized for its delay in pulling Sky Express off the road.Over the past few years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has cited Sky Express for numerous safety violations, including allowing drivers to drive more than 10 hours without a break and speeding.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration needs to get tougher on unsafe bus companies to prevent tragedies like this.

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