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Atlanta Hotel Window Safety in Question after Fatal Fall Accident

Window safety at an Atlanta hotel, which was the scene of a horrific fall accident that killed a young woman, is now under scrutiny.Questions are being asked about how the hotel’s windows failed to prevent an accident caused by “horseplay” which resulted in the wrongful death of one woman and serious injury to another woman. As an Atlanta injury lawyer, I would thoroughly investigate the manner of installation of the windows, the design of the windows and window frame as well as any prior complaints or problems with the windows.

The victim, Lashawna Threatt and her friend were in the room on the 10th floor of the W Hotel in Atlanta.They were part of a group that was celebrating Threatt’s 30th birthday.According to the friend, Threatt and her friend were play fighting in the room when they suddenly crashed through the window.The two landed on a sunroof adjoining the hotel, and while the friend suffered injuries in the accident, Threatt died as a result of her injuries.She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Questions are being asked about how the two women could simply fly through a hotel window while they were playing.At this point in time, police are not investigating the safety of the hotel’s windows.They are calling this an accident.A criminal investigation is also underway.There are also indications that the family of the victims is planning a lawsuit against the hotel.

According to a news report, the hotel windows are floor-to-ceiling and are single paned.The report also suggests that the hotel underwent a million-dollar renovation four years ago, and no new window permits were issued for the hotel.Further, there were no inspections done before the installation of the windows.

If you have been involved in an accident on another person’s property, consult with an experienced Atlanta premises liability lawyer to evaluate the possibility of a claim.

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