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Brain Injury Tied to Higher Depression Risk in Women

Traumatic brain injury of the kind that is often sustained in car accidents, trucking accident as well as slip and fall accidents is linked to several  health consequences, including mental health symptoms like depression.   A  new study finds that  women may be at a much higher risk of suffering depression after a traumatic brain injury, compared to men.

Researchers recently analyzed 9 studies on traumatic brain injury and related depression, and found that women had a risk of suffering depression after a personal injury that was as much as 50% higher than the risk for men.  The  analysis focused on more than 700,000 people who suffered a traumatic brain injury, including more than 360,000 women. Out  of these, approximately 29% or 104,000 women reported depression after the injury. In contrast, 332,000 men suffered a brain injury in the study, and out of these, 72,000 or 22% reported  depression in the months after the  injury.

The researchers have been unable to speculate about the reasons for this difference between men and women, but the fact is that women seem to be at a much higher overall risk of suffering depression compared to men.  Among  older women, for instance, the top cause of depression is traumatic brain injury and the biggest cause of brain injury in women is  slip and fall accidents.  The  researchers believe that it is important for physicians treating older women or any women suffering from brain injury to caution them about their risks for depression.

What makes the situation even more challenging is that there tends to be an under- appreciation of these injuries in women.  Women are much less likely to be taken seriously when they have suffered a brain injury,  even though these injuries  affect so many   women every year.   That  combined with the stress of their injuries  not being taken seriously possibly increases their risks of depression.

Brain injuries are serious injuries that can have a life long impact on a person’s health and quality of life.  They  are linked to cognitive problems,  loss of memory,  loss of concentration and attention,  depression,  anxiety,  irritability,  personality changes,  mood swings  and a number of other mental effects that can significantly affect a person’s daily routine.   If  you have suffered even a mild head injury  in a slip and fall accident, make sure you get these injuries  checked out by a doctor,  even if there are no visible signs of an injury like bleeding or inflammation.  Many  brain injuries are silent injuries with no clear and visible signs of impact.

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