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Brain Injury After a Car Accident Could Increase Risk of Cancer

Persons who have suffered a brain injury in an auto accident may be at a higher risk of developing brain cancer later in life. This the shocking finding of a new study which could have a significant impact on personal injury claims.

A  new study that was conducted on military vets finds that a brain injury significantly increases the risk of brain cancer. The study focused on more than 1.9 million vets, and the results are disturbing.   Brain  cancer is a relatively rare cancer, and only one percent of the general population has the risk of suffering from this disease.  However, among  veterans  who have suffered a brain injury, the risk  of developing malignant cancer is as much as 90% higher than in the general population.  Additionally,  in those cases in which the injury has resulted in penetration of the skull, victims  were found to have a three times higher risk of suffering brain cancer.

The researchers take pains to point out that while the study has been conducted on veterans, and  that while the exact same results may not be seen in the  civilian population, more severe or penetrative brain injury is likely to lead to a higher risk of brain cancer among civilians as well.

The good news is that an overwhelming majority of brain injuries tend to be concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries, and these are not linked to a higher risk of brain cancer. The bad news is that a vast segment of the population   consists of motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists  who are at a significantly higher risk of suffering the kind of brain injuries that could exacerbate brain cancer risks.

If you are a motorcyclist  or bicyclist,  you can reduce the chances of suffering a severe brain injury by wearing a helmet while riding.  Make  sure your helmet is  a design and model that is approved by the Department of Transportation to ensure maximum protection for your skull in the event of a car accident.   Unfortunately,  pedestrians  have zero protection from brain injuries in an auto accident.  To the extent possible, walk only on sidewalks, cross only at designated crosswalks, and ensure that you are paying attention to your surroundings while walking.  Avoid walking while listening to music or talking on the cell phone – these behaviors can prevent you from hearing an approaching car and increase your risk of being involved in an auto accident.  Helmets are not foolproof, but they can help reduce the risk of suffering   penetrative or severe brain injuries that can result in life -altering   consequences.  Fall accidents involving a serious injury to the skull and/or brain are another common cause of  severe brain injuries.

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