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Boy Escapes Injuries after Fall Down a MARTA Elevator Shaft

Boy Escapes Injuries after Fall Down MARTA Elevator Shaft

A 5-year-old boy had a miraculous escape after a fall down an elevator shaft at the Kensington MARTA station earlier this week. The boy was apparently on the second floor of the station, and was leaning against the elevator door when it suddenly opened. The child fell about 12 to 15 feet down, and landed on top of an elevator car. Firefighters used a ladder to get down to the elevator car, placed the child in a Stokes basket and brought him up.

The boy suffered minor injuries and underwent a medical evaluation. He was released, but had to be brought back to the hospital after he began to complain of headaches.MARTA is investigating the accident.

MARTA needs to get to the bottom of how this happened as quickly as possible. This was an accident that could have so easily turned serious. Whether it was a malfunctioning locking mechanism, or staff negligence, we need to know before there are other such accidents with not-so-happy endings.

When you use a public property, you do so under the assumption that the property has been secured for use. You don’t except there to be wobbly handrails, broken steps, dark corridors, floors slippery with grease or water and other hazards. It is a property owner’s responsibility to maintain safe premises for visitors, guests, customers and others who visit the property. Maintaining safe premises does not mean that the property must be perfect or brand new. It does, however, mean that all reasonable safety standards must be met.

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