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Bionic Leg That Allows Accident Amputees Greater Movement Soon to Be Commercially Available

Car Accident victims in Georgia, who have suffered limb amputations, may soon be able to enjoy greater freedom of movement through a prosthetic limb that will soon be commercially available.The bionic leg is manufactured by a Massachusetts-based company called iWalk.Until now, the device was only available to members of the military, but will soon be available to civilians through providers across the country. Given the serious consequences of this type of personal injury, the use of this new technology is very welcome.

This prosthetic device boasts of an advanced design that uses robotics to imitate the muscles and tendons of the human foot, including the Achilles’ tendon and heel.Veterans of the US military, who have been injured during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, have had access to these bionic legs for a while now.The US military has invested in developing more advanced and scientifically-proven prosthetic devices that can mimic the natural movement of the human limb.Amputations of limbs are some of the most frequent injuries among veterans, and in fact, according to recent reports, the number of such amputations involving veterans has actually increased.

Earlier prosthetic limbs were cumbersome and provided limited mobility. This prosthetic device is advanced enough to allow wearers to climb stairs, and walk up and down slopes with ease.With earlier devices, such movements were not possible.Veterans who have been fitted with this bionic leg have found that it is close to the actual working of the human foot.

More than a dozen prosthetic providers across the country will now offer the device.These include centers in Columbus, Ohio; Orlando, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Montgomery, Alabama; Manchester, New Hampshire; Silver Spring, Maryland; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Hicksville, New York; Marlton New Jersey; Jackson, Mississippi and Eddystone, Pennsylvania.For thousands of persons who experience amputations every year, these bionic limbs offer a much more enhanced quality of life than the prosthetic devices of the past.

Amputations refer to severed limbs that have been removed from the body as the result of surgery or because of trauma.Amputations that occur as a result of trauma can occur because of auto accidents, bicycle accidents or motorcycle accidents.Amputations can also be the result of workplace accidents.For instance, a worker can suffer from finger amputations while working with complicated or dangerous machinery.Such amputations are especially common in the meatpacking and logging industries, where workers are often exposed to sharp tools that can sever limbs in seconds.

In other cases, amputations may be surgically necessary in order to save the life of the patient.For instance, an amputation may be necessary in the case of a bone infection.Sometimes, auto accidents or workplace accidents can result in crushing injuries to the limb.Such injuries may not only be untreatable, but may also pose a risk to the person’s health. In such cases, amputations are unavoidable, because of the risk of infection and other complications.

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