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Bartow County Family Escapes Injuries in Van Accident

A family from Bartow family escaped what could have been potentially serious burn injuries, after a van accident caused by a tire blowout.

According to news reports, David and Sarah Joe King were traveling in their van with their two daughters on their way to South Carolina when the back left tire blew out. Tire blowouts happen quite often, and David did what is recommended in such cases. He pulled the Dodge Caravan over the side to the I-75, but within seconds, the van burst into flames. That doesn’t usually happen after a tire blowout, but in this case, it appears that the exploded tire struck the gas tank, causing it to burst into flames. David, Sarah Jo and their daughter Michelle suffered burn injuries, and Michelle and Sarah Joe had to undergo surgery. All the injured are expected to recover, and know that they are lucky to escape what could have been a serious accident.

According to Sarah Jo, the tire that blew out, was the only one they didn’t change. Tire blowouts are responsible for thousands of injuries and accidents across the country and across Georgia.A tire blowout when you’re driving can be a terrifying experience. A blowout could occur when the vehicle runs over a nail or on a hot road, or when it’s traveling at excessive speeds. In fact, a motorist doesn’t even have to be doing these for a blowout to occur. A defective or outdated tire could result in an unexpected and dangerous blow out.

Tire blowouts are often linked to rollover accidents. When a car is traveling at high speeds and a tire blows out, it can be hard for the motorist to maintain total control. The vehicle can flip over, causing serious injures to the occupants inside.

To avoid tire blowouts, inspect your tires regularly, and look for worn out tread, cuts on the side wall etc. Make sure that your tires are inflated properly. Monitor and pressure your tire pressure regularly.In case of a tire blowout while driving slowly take your foot off the gas pedal, and try to keep the car as straight as possible. Don’t panic or jerk the wheel – these can send the vehicle flipping over. Once you have been able to bring the vehicle to a stop, and exit, use warning flags or other devices to alert other motorists to your stalled vehicle.

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