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Barrow County Man Dies in Jefferson Truck Accident

A motorist from Winder in Barrow County has died in a multi vehicle truck accident that involved at least three commercial trucks. Four other people were injured in the accident that took place on the 5th  of June.

As Robert McIlwain began to slow down for traffic on I-85, his Honda CRV was struck by a tractor trailer. According to state patrol, the driver of the tractor trailer, Thomas Terry failed to notice that traffic was slowing down, and struck the guard rail before crashing into the CRV. The Honda CRV was pushed into the path of a second tractor trailer, and then overturned. McIlwain died from his injuries.

Terry then struck a 2004 Dodge Dakota before it overturned into a median. The Dakota was pushed into a third tractor trailer that had stopped for traffic. In all, four people were injured in the accident, including Terry.

One of the trucks involved in the multi-vehicle crash was apparently carrying potassium hydroxide, which is considered a hazardous chemical. There was no spillage, but Georgia Environmental Protection Division and clean up personnel were called to the scene to ensure that any dangers were contained.

The Georgia State Patrol is investigating the accident, and has not yet confirmed, if any charges will be filed in the truck accident

Tractor trailer drivers have a lower speed limit than motorists. Part of the reason for this is that these large trucks take a much longer time to come to a complete stop than smaller vehicles do. In fact, a tractor trailer can travel several dozens of feet after the brakes are applied to come to a complete stop. That’s why a truck driver must take into consideration not just trucking speed limits, but also traffic conditions while driving.

Operating a tractor trailer comes with special and unique challenges, and drivers must be aware of their responsibilities on the highways. As Georgia truck accident lawyers know all too well, errors by a truck driver can be disastrous for motorists on the highway.

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