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Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents in Icy Weather

Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents in Icy Weather

The bad weather may be behind us, but leftover snow and “black ice“ could still present the risk of slip and fall accidents. Many Georgians aren’t used to the kind of snow-covered streets and slippery sidewalks and pathways that we saw for much of last week, and this may increase the risk of falls.Although much of the snow has melted, we would still advise pedestrians and others to exercise caution.

· Pedestrians must be careful while crossing roads. Don’t rush across even when a crosswalk looks completely clear of ice – it may still be covered with black ice, a thin layer of transparent ice which covers the surface.

· Walk slowly, or take short steps.

· Avoid running.

· Watch out for slippery surfaces when you step out of your home and onto your front door.

· Vehicle occupants or motorists getting in and out of cars must take special care.

· Wear footwear that’s appropriate for walking in slippery conditions.

· Avoid jogging till after the snow has completely melted away.

· Only use sidewalks while walking.

· Icy weather conditions can be frequently accompanied by lower visibility, so wear brightly-colored clothing to avoid pedestrian accidents.

· It’s important to stay warm, but make sure that your vision is unimpaired. In short, don’t overdo the goggles and masks.

· Apply the same safety rules when you visit public areas, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and other public properties.

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