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Atlanta Worst City for Motorists in Georgia

Atlanta Worst City for Motorists in Georgia

The city of Augusta is the safest for motorists in Georgia, and is one of the safest in the country.Atlanta, on the other hand, is the most dangerous for motorists, with drivers here having a likelihood of being involved in an accident that is much higher than the national average.The statistics came via an annual report by Allstate insurance.You really don’t need an insurance company to tell an Atlanta auto accident lawyer that the city can often seem like a motorist’s worst nightmare.

Motorists in Atlanta have their likelihood of being involved in an accident increase by 22.4% more than the national average.The average Atlanta motorist has a gap of 8.2 years between collisions.The city ranks at 146 on Allstate’s list of the top 200 cities.Motorists in Augusta, on the other hand, have a 1.9% less likelihood of being involved in an accident, compared to the national average.These motorists have a 10.2 year gap between collisions.Augusta was placed at 60 on the list.

The other safe city in Georgia is Columbus, which ranked at 63 on the list.Motorists in Columbus typically have 10.1 years between collisions, and their likelihood of being involved in an accident is 1.4% less than the national average.Motorists in Savanna fare much worse than Augusta and Columbus, but much better than Atlanta.Drivers here are likely to be involved in an accident at a rate that’s 4 .9% higher than for the national average, and they have an average 9.5-year gap between accidents.

So, why do Atlanta and Augusta fare so differently?Atlanta does have a somewhat unique problem with severe traffic congestion.As Atlanta car accident lawyers and long-time residents of the city, we have definitely noticed that motorists over here tend to be more prone to aggressiveness and road rage, especially during rush hour.There’s no doubt that traffic congestion contributes to impatience, speeding and other undesirable driving practices.We also continue to face challenges with distracted driving.

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