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Atlanta Highway Worker Killed in Car Accident

Highway workers involved in construction and maintenance activities constitute some of the most at-risk groups on our roads.For most motorists, road construction or maintenance work is an annoyance, but for these workers, the highway is their workplace, and it’s important for motorists to respect that.This morning, a worker involved in highway maintenance activities on Freedom Parkway, east of Boulevard, died, when he was struck by a vehicle.

According to Atlanta police, motorist Glen Johnson was driving, when for unknown reasons, his car left the roadway and struck the worker.The victim had been contracted by the Department of Transportation for some roadside maintenance work.He sustained fatal injuries.He was just 27 years old.

Johnson has been charged with failure to maintain lane and secondary vehicular homicide.

It’s unclear at this early date why Johnson couldn’t keep control of his car.There may have been a number of factors involved here.Police will look at the speed of the car that Johnson was driving in at the time of the accident.They will also look at whether he was impaired at the time.Frequently, we see single car accidents caused by drivers distracted by electronic devices.Distractions from use of cell phones and texting devices can be determined by going through cell phone records.However, there could also have been other distractions that only Johnson will be able to confirm.

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