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Atlanta Council Members Considering a Ban on “Right on Red” Laws

If a group of Atlanta Council members has its way, motorists will no longer be able to make a right turn when they are at a red light.  The move is linked to concerns about the risk of car accidents involving pedestrians.

The so- called Right on Red laws were enacted across the country back in the 1970s in the midst of a fuel crisis.  The law allows motorists the right to make a right turn at a red light, provided they stop first and it is safe to turn.  However, authorities found out very quickly after the laws were passed, that while the laws did not really do much to increase fuel efficiency, they did increase the risk of car accidents involving pedestrians when drivers made  right turns at red lights.  Even back in the 1970s, officials found that there was a higher risk of auto accidents involving pedestrians in these areas.

Recently, however, there have been efforts across the country to get these laws repealed or banned.  According  to transportation safety experts, these laws do contribute to large numbers of  car accidents every year involving pedestrians,   and many of these auto accidents result in catastrophic personal injuries to the pedestrians.  Now, a group of three Atlanta Council members also has proposed a ban on such right turns at red lights in certain areas in the city.  The three Council members are proposing a ban on these actions in Midtown, Downtown and Castleberry Hill.  These are busy areas that are chock full of entertainment venues and cultural attractions, and see large   volumes of pedestrian traffic.  According  to the Council members,  it is important to keep these areas thriving,  and that  can happen only when the laws make it safe for pedestrians to walk in these neighborhoods.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association estimates that pedestrian accident fatalities are at their highest in 40 years.  An increase in the number of pedestrian accidents has contributed to an increase in the overall tally of car accident deaths across the country over the past 3 years.  There are several reasons that can be attributed to the increasing number of auto  accident deaths involving pedestrians.  For  instance, there has been an increase in speeding by motorists which has meant dangerous conditions for pedestrians. Additionally, laws like the Right on Red laws make driving  convenient and easier for motorists while increasing dangers for pedestrians in the area.

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