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Alcohol and Holiday Travel Don’t Mix

You know who doesn’t take the day off for Labor Day? The police! As a matter of fact, law enforcement departments across the country have announced they’re cracking down on careless driving and DUIs this weekend like never before.

There’s good reason for that.

Labor Day is the second deadliest holiday in America. (Only Thanksgiving claims more lives.) Each year, this single weekend sees tens of thousands of arrests on the highways, and the overwhelming majority of them are for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

With AAA projecting the busiest Labor Day in nearly a decade, and as police chiefs make a vow of vigilance, we may very well see those numbers reach an all-time high this weekend.

Don’t take chances. A DUI can ruin your life — or even end it. Hundreds of Americans are killed in drunk driving crashes every Labor Day weekend, nearly half of them children. It is truly better to be safe than sorry.

How to Stay Safe This Labor Day Weekend

It’s too easy to forget how much you’ve have had to drink, or to underestimate the extent to which you’re impaired. Rather than tempting fate behind the wheel, why not keep everyone safe and try one of these choices instead?

Make Labor Day L-Uber Day. Uber is all the rage lately, and you can be sure that plenty of people will take advantage of a local rideshare service this weekend. It’s a great way to catch a quick ride without driving. Just be sure you’re familiar with the service, check each driver’s user rating before accepting, and never enter a car you aren’t comfortable with.

Taxis Still Exist. If you don’t feel particularly Uber-savvy just yet, or if you prefer the tried and true taxi, call yourself a cab! They’ve saved the lives of many Americans who’ve had a little too much to drink.

Appoint a DLDD. We’ve all heard of a DD (Designated Driver). This weekend, why not elect a friend or family member to serve as your Designated Labor Day Driver (DLDD)? If you can’t find a volunteer, propose a trade — they take one for the team this time, and you’ll be the DHD (Designated Halloween Driver) next month.

Just Stay Home. Isn’t not rushing out the door what Labor Day is all about? The holiday is our chance to reflect on the many advances and successes of the American workforce over the years, as well as a hard-earned vacation from the everyday 9 to 5. That sounds like the perfect occasion for a night in with family, friends, Netflix, BBQ, and maybe a glass of wine. You won’t get a DUI or cause a serious car accident in your living room.

You Have a Lot of Labor Days Left

This Labor Day shouldn’t be your last one. Don’t tempt fate and put yourself or other motorists at risk. Don’t drink and drive. With so many other options available, there’s simply no need to take a chance.

From our Georgia injury attorneys, we wish you all a safe, happy, and truly fulfilling Labor Day weekend.

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