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60% of Teenage Driver Accidents Involve Distracted Driving

Distractions play a major part in accidents involving teenage drivers. However, the impact of distraction on teen safety may be much higher than earlier believed. According to a new report by AAA, about 60% of all teen driver car accidents involve distractions of some kind.

The American Automobile Association says that most teenage drivers involved in accidents are talking on the cell phone, texting, or engaged in other distractions while driving. These other distractions include talking to passengers in the car.

The study found that 15% of accidents involving teenage drivers can be traced to talking to passengers.

Approximately 12% of accidents involve cell phone-related distractions, including talking on a cell phone and texting.

Approximately 11% of the accidents were caused when the teenage drivers were looking at something inside the car.

What’s more, AAA’s report says that the risk of such accidents involving distractions only increases during the summer months, when teenagers are at a much higher risk of being exposed to such distractions. Teens drive more during summer, often with teenage passengers. Having passengers the same age in the car can be a major risk for a teenage driver.

According to the AAA report, every year more than 1,000 fatalities are linked to accidents involving teenage drivers. The number of accident fatalities involving drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 spiked by 16% during summer, compared to other times of the year.

There’s one thing that everyone agrees on; parents are the single biggest influencer on teenage distracted driving. Be a responsible parent, and warn your child about the dangers of distracted driving. Set rules for driving, and put them in writing in a parent-teen driving contract. Set a good example-refrain from using a cell phone while driving, or texting while driving.

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