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Pedestrian accidents are on the rise.

It is no secret that pedestrian fatality numbers in the state are on the rise. According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, in 2017 alone 1,454 pedestrians died in accidents across the Georgia.

As the number of pedestrian accidents in Georgia continues to increase every year at least, one community is taking firm steps to reduce those deadly statistics. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recently lauded the community of Macon for the steps that the city is taking to reduce pedestrian fatalities. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recently announced a grant of $20,785 to the city of Macon and its On the Move campaign.

The city of Macon has seen more than its share of pedestrian accident fatalities.  In fact, it was recently ranked second in Georgia in the number of pedestrian fatalities per capita. In response to those alarming statistics, the city’s administrators have put their heads together to announce a new initiative. The Macon Commissioner recently formed the Macon-Bibb Pedestrian Safety Review Board to analyze pedestrian accident fatalities across the community. One of the Board’s first initiatives is the Cross the Walk campaign. The campaign is designed to inform and educate people about safe and responsible ways of crossing the street.

The city of Macon is also planning initiatives like the Pedestrian Safety Awareness Community Day, and will distribute materials like reflective wristbands and placards in order to educate people about safe walking practices. The grant funds will be used to shore up the Cross the Walk campaign, and reach more people to educate them about safe walking practices.

The Georgia Department of Transportation estimates that in 2016, pedestrian fatalities in Georgia increased by as much as 11% over the previous year. Surprisingly, many of these accidents occurred on interstates. Under Georgia law, pedestrians are banned from walking on the interstate. Not surprisingly, however, is the fact that these accidents almost always result in fatalities or catastrophic injuries due to the volume of cars and high speeds involved. Investigators are trying to understand why people cross interstates on foot especially given the obvious dangers and risks of doing so. Alcohol is believed to be one possible factor. In other instances, a person is often hit by another car while on the highway shoulder after being involved in a minor accident or a fender bender.  It is important for people to understand that when they choose to get out of their car on the interstate, they dramatically increase their chances of being hit by another car.  Therefore, be sure to stand on the grassy shoulder, if possible, if you need to tend to your car.

As the Atlanta area continues to grow in both in pedestrian and vehicle population, city planners must take steps to ensure the safety of pedestrians on the roads.  By doing so, Atlanta can continue to grow by attracting people who want to take advantage of the mild Georgia climate and lead an active and outdoor lifestyle.


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