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18 Car Accident Deaths on Georgia Streets over Holiday Weekend

Georgia police are reporting an increase in auto accident deaths over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.This year, a total of 18 people were killed in car accidents and motorcycle accidents over the holiday weekend, an increase from five deaths in 2010. Of course, there were many more persons injured this past holiday weekend. As an Atlanta personal injury lawyer, I always note a significant increase in accidents over every holiday.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, most of those deaths occurred on Atlanta streets.Out of the 18 deaths, 11 occurred in Atlanta.At least some of those accidents also involved motorcycle deaths and pedestrian accidents resulting in deaths.In Atlanta, a student at Georgia Tech was killed in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle was struck by a drunk driver.Another motorcycle accident was recorded in Lilburn over the weekend.

Heavy traffic and motorists rushing to get to their destination during the holiday were responsible for many of the fatalities.In one accident, a 19-year-old motorist escaped injuries when his car flipped over.As he was standing outside the car checking out the damage, he was struck by a passing vehicle.He died at the scene.

Some deaths this holiday were linked to red light violations.A 16-year-old driver in Roopville allegedly ran a red light and struck another vehicle.Both the teen driver and the occupant of the other vehicle were killed.

There has been no official word about the reason for the dramatic spike in auto accident fatalities and injuries this Memorial Day weekend over the last year.However, as Atlanta car accident attorneys, weare already concerned about the fact that the year’s peak travel season has only just begun.Hopefully, the Memorial Day death toll won’t be an indicator of what we can expect over the next three months.To everyone out there – drive safely, do not drink and drive, and switch off your cell phone while driving.

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