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Winter Weather Increases Slip and Fall Accident Hazards

Over the next few months, Atlantans will find themselves at an increased risk of suffering a fall accident.Icy roads, sidewalks, and parking lots pose a serious walking challenge for people.
Our Atlanta slip and fall accident attorneys see many injuries that are the result of business owners failing to maintain a safe environment for visitors.However, in the winter months, we tend to see an increase in slip and fall accidents that may have been prevented with a bit more attention to the dangers that exist when ice is present.Below are some friendly reminders of how to stay safe this winter season.

The most important thing to do is wear smart and appropriate winter footwear while walking outside.Wear flat shoes or boots that have non-slip or high traction soles.Avoid wearing footwear that has smooth slippery soles.Also avoid stylish stiletto heels or other footwear that is impractical for walking on slick surfaces.

Also, avoid taking long steps or walking quickly.Take small, precise steps, and change your gait, in order to compensate for the slippery walking conditions.Bend your knees slightly, and walk slowly.Avoid carrying heavy loads while walking in winter conditions.Carrying heavy loads prevents you from modifying your gait, and can also inhibit your ability to see danger ahead.Avoid stuffing your hands in your coat pockets to keep them warm while walking.You may need your hands to grab onto something if you slip, or to break your fall.

Last, please don’t underestimate the risk of a fall accident indoors.When you come in from outside, make sure that you wipe your soles well on a mat or carpet.And don’t expect that the property owner has properly cleaned the surface of water or ice.

If you or a loved one has suffered a fall, contact the Atlanta slip and fall accident lawyers at the Katz Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible.We can help you determine the best course of action for your recovery.

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