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Truck Accidents in Crisp County, Savannah Leave Trail of Injuries

Truck Accidents in Crisp County, Savannah Leave Trail of Injuries

Two separate accidents in Savannah and Crisp County, both involving pickup trucks and 18 wheelers, have left one person dead and three critically injured.

  • In the first accident, a 66-year-old woman suffered critical injuries when her Chevy turned in front of a big rig. According to troopers, Ora Lee Morris was not wearing a seatbelt, and was ejected from the truck on impact. She was trapped underneath the truck.There is no information about why Morris turned her pickup right in front of the big rig.
  • In the second accident a couple of days later, a pickup truck collided with a tractor trailer in Savannah. The three occupants of the pickup truck were ejected from the vehicle. One of them, a 61-year-old Savannah resident was declared dead at the scene of the accident. The two other suffered critical injuries.

In both accidents, the tractor trailer driver did not suffer injuries.

These are just two examples of the devastating consequences to motorists involved in an accident involving a big rig. With up to 80,000 pounds of powerful force barreling into a pickup truck that can weigh an average of 7,300 pounds, there is little hope that the occupants of the smaller vehicle will escape serious injuries or death.

That’s why tractor trailer drivers have such a huge responsibility to drive safely and carefully to avoid accidents. Any errors can be disastrous to vehicles in the vicinity. Big rig drivers must always

  • Stay within speed limits.
  • Drive according to the weather and traffic conditions.
  • Avoid distractions of any kind.
  • Follow traffic rules to the T.

Errors of any kind when you are either driving a big rig or are in the vicinity of a tractor trailer can have disastrous consequence, as is evident in the critical injuries in these accidents.

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