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The Many Parties of a Negligent Security Claim

Claims based on negligent security, which can arise after a person has suffered an assault, rape or other violent incident on another’s property, can be complicated to file.

A claim for negligent security is filed when a person has been injured on another person’s premises as the result of inadequate security. Examples of negligent security could be the failure to provide adequate illumination or security in vacant areas such as parking lots, failure to provide adequate security or protection to attendees at a concert or other event, and other incidents in which there are injuries caused as a result of the failure of the property owner to provide safe and secure premises.

In a claim based on negligent security, the property owner is considered liable if the injured party can prove that the property owner’s failure to provide adequate security at the premises led to a violent assault, attack, rape or any other incident that endangered the safety of the victim or the person bringing the claim.

If you have been injured on another person’s property as the result of a violent incident such as a rape or assault, it is important to not only bring the perpetrator to justice, but also to hold the parties that were negligent in their duty to provide  safe premises for you, liable as well. This can be done through a civil negligent security claim.  Talk to an Atlanta negligent security lawyer to understand if your case qualifies for a claim for damages.

These claims can be quite complicated to file because many times there may be more than one party that is responsible for providing adequate security. For instance, security companies that are responsible for the security arrangements at hotels, malls and other commercial spaces may be liable in a claim based on negligent security. Other parties, such as property management companies, building owners, owner of malls, restaurants or hotels where the incident occurred, and concert or event organizers, are just some of the entities that may be held responsible in your claim depending on the nature of the incident, and where it occurred. If an incident occurred in the parking lot of an apartment complex, for instance, the property owner as well as the property management company, security company, and other parties may be held liable depending on the circumstances of the incident.

However, merely suffering the incident is not sufficient. If the injured party had no permission to be in the area of the property where the attack occurred, he or she may find it difficult to pursue a claim for damages. If the claim goes to trial, the court will also look into whether the property owner or any of the defendants could have possible foreseen that an attack was possible on the property.

If you or a loved one has suffered an attack or assault or other violent incident on a property, talk to an Atlanta negligent security attorney at the Katz Personal Injury Lawyers. Depending on the nature and circumstances of the attack as well as where it occurred, you may be eligible for a claim for damages.

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