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Slight Decrease in Pedestrian Accident Deaths in Atlanta and throughout Georgia

There was a slight drop in the number of pedestrians deaths in auto accidents in Georgia in the first half of 2010. Last year, we had 77 pedestrian deaths in the first six months in auto accidents, compared to 78 pedestrian deaths in 2009. That is a very tiny decrease, but it is still better than the overall national picture, which actually shows an increase in pedestrian deaths in 2010.

Across the country, there was a .4% increase in pedestrian accident fatalities in the first six months of 2010. That increase came after several half-yearly estimates that showed a decline in pedestrian accident deaths over the past four years. The feds are at a loss to explain this increase. . An increase of .4% may not seem like much, but for any Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer, any sudden spike like this should sound alarm bells.

One of the theories that are being thrown about for this increase in pedestrian accident fatalities, is simply more numbers of people taking to the streets. First Lady Michelle Obama has a nationwide anti-obesity campaign in full swing, and part of that includes Americans getting out of their cars and walking to work. Besides, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is pointing to an increasing number of pedestrians plugged to their music systems, smart phones and other gadgets while walking. A distracted pedestrian is at a much higher risk of being injured in an accident.

However, federal agencies including the Governor’s Highway Safety Association seem to be focusing all the blame on pedestrians. They are harping on intoxicated pedestrians. Much of the blame for this increase should be shared by city planners who have failed to design roads that factor in the needs of pedestrians, and distracted/intoxicated/speeding motorists who fail to look out for pedestrians.

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