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New System to Protect Fraud on Commercial Drivers Licences

New FMCSA System Promises to Eradicate CDL Fraud

In 2002, an inspector general’s report informed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of widespread Commercial Driver’s License fraud in the industry. Drivers who obtained fraudulent CDL’s were linked to a large number of accidents that resulted in fatalities and serious injuries. The fact that there is little FMCSA control over the issuance of Commercial Driver’s Licenses is one that has worried Atlanta truck accident lawyers. But not for long now. The FMCSA is in the process of rolling out a web-based system that will streamline the process of issuing CDLs to truck drivers, and limit the amount of fraud.

Once the new system is in effect, testing for CDLs will be scheduled through the system. The system will contain information of all examiners, the test site, date of the test, as well as the results.Testing that is done outside of the system will result in no CDL being issued.

The system will also monitor any trends that are abnormal. For instance, a single CDL test takes about two hours to conduct, and it’s impossible for an examiner to conduct more than a specific number of tests a day. So, if an examiner’s records show that he has tested 20 people on a single day, then that will be brought to the attention of the designated officer.

Most importantly, all test results will be computerized, and no paper will be involved. This will further minimize the risk of forgery and fraud.

The system is already in use in Kansas, New Mexico, and South Dakota. Several other states are also interested in the system. The FMCSA is working at providing grants to states to help them pay for the system.

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