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Muscle Cars Drive Spike in Car Accident Wrongful Deaths

There are a significant number of persons in the United States who like to drive what are commonly called “muscle cars.” These are cars with high horsepower which are capable of high speeds and fast acceleration.  Examples of cars often referred to as “muscle cars” include the Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, Dodge Challenger and the Camaro. Unfortunately, some muscle cars have been identified with an increase in car accident wrongful deaths.

A new study by the Insurance Institute  for Highway Safety finds that smaller cars  that have more powerful engines can be deadly for not just motorists and passengers, but also for drivers of other cars.  Traditionally,  safety experts have believed that larger vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks are more dangerous  for drivers and passengers of other vehicles in  the event of an accident.  However,  the dangers may be even more serious in the case of smaller muscle cars like the Ford Mustang or other similar vehicles.

Muscle  cars are basically smaller American cars that have increased horsepower. These are boxy cars that  usually have 2 doors and a powerful engine.  These  cars are typically marketed to a certain type of consumer,  and the study believes that the way in which these cars are marketed also contributes to the higher death rates associated with these vehicles.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,  in a comparison with 2020 model cars,  6 out of 21 cars with the highest driver death rates were so – called muscle cars, including the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and   Dodge Challenger.  While larger cars are believed to be more dangerous to other drivers on the road,  some of these muscle cars actually fly in the face of that logic.  Three  of the Dodge cars that were in the study, for example, were found to be   dangerous for other motorists involved in accidents, possibly because of the aggressive manner in which these cars are often operated.

Several  of these muscle cars include models that were used several decades ago for drag racing.  There is a certain image that is associated with these cars, and that often includes high acceleration and great speeds.   The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety researchers say that the marketing material for many of these cars  includes words like “ground – shaking power,” and “extreme track performance.”  Some  of the ads call these vehicles  “adrenaline chasers.”  All of these are terms that seem to be designed to encourage possible  aggressive use of these vehicles.

The  researchers believe that in these cases, it is not just the high horsepower of the powerful engine that is a factor in these car accidents, but also the marketing of these cars that is also contributing to auto accidents involving these vehicles and the deaths resulting from their use.

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