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Motorcycle Manufacturers Need to Focus on Safety in Order to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents, Injuries

Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers have not failed to notice that while automobile manufacturers have tried to keep pace with the public demand for safer automobiles, motorcycle manufacturers have really not focused on the safety of their vehicles as much.As a result, while auto accident deaths around the country have been dropping, the number of people dying in motorcycle accidents has remained more or less the same.

In 2010, Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers found a drop in motorcycle accident fatalities, the first drop recorded in 11 years.While that had been an encouraging sign, it was not a sharp enough drop.Far too many people continue to be at risk of an accident when they ride a motorcycle.Motorcyclists are at risk from motorists driving under the influence, or speeding.The risks of being involved in an auto accident increases when they are sharing the road with a motorist who is texting while driving.Other times, these car accidents are caused by drivers who fail to look out for motorcyclists.

A major factor in the drop in highway auto accident deaths across the country has been that automobiles now come with safety devices that not only reduce the risk of an auto accident, but also prevent serious injuries and deaths in an accident.Electronic stability control systems have substantially reduced the number of rollover accidents that occur every year.These are some of the most serious accidents, and account for a large percentage of fatalities in accidents every year.The fatalities have been declining because more vehicles now come with stability control systems.

Besides, automobiles now come with an impressive array of high-tech devices, including lane departure warning systems that warn motorists when they are in danger of going off the lane, and forward collision warning systems that alert the motorist when there is an object in the path of the vehicle.It’s not just prevention of accidents that has been the focus.Side airbags have substantially helped reduce the number of injuries that occur in side-impact accidents.These accidents end in serious injuries, because there’s very little protecting occupants from injuries in an accident involving a vehicle broad siding another.Side airbags can help minimize these injuries.

The most promising technology for preventing accidents involving motorcycles is antilock braking.Many motorcycle accidents occur when a motorcyclist breaks at high speeds, causing the wheels to lock.Antilock braking systems can prevent this, averting accidents that can result in a motorcyclist being thrown several feet on impact.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has analyzed the benefits of antilock braking systems in preventing accidents, and has found that these could substantially reduce the number of serious and fatal motorcycle accidents every year.The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has recommended that anti lock braking systems be made mandatory on all motorcycles.However, neither the federal administration nor motorcycle manufacturers have paid heed.Motorcycle manufacturers need to pay more attention to making their vehicles safer for riders.

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