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More Female Truck Drivers Could mean Fewer Accidents

Truck drivers are more likely to be male than female. However, female truck drivers are much less likely to be involved in accidents, compared to male drivers. That information comes from a new study conducted in the United Kingdom, which found that eliminating gender inequalities in the trucking profession could go a long way in helping keep our roads safer.

The researchers analysed accident data for 6 different types of vehicles, and found that in at least 5 of those types of vehicles, the risk posed by male drivers was greater than those presented by females.

In the case of cars and vans, the risk posed by male drivers was double the risk posed by female drivers, and  in the case of commercial tractor trailers, the risk posed by male drivers was as much as 4 times higher than the risk posed by female drivers.  The risks are staggeringly higher when it is a female behind the wheel of a truck.  The risks are also dramatically higher when a male rides a motorcycle, with the risk shooting up by ten times compared to a female.

The results of the study were published in the journal Injury Prevention earlier this year. The researchers believe that gender inequities in professions, especially those that involve driving need to be eliminated for our roads to become safer. Having more male drivers on the road driving in a professional capacity is simply linked to higher accident rates. Having more females in professions like these which involve significant volumes of driving would go a long way in keeping the highways safer.

Male drivers have a higher risk of accidents even when they are driving in a non- professional capacity. That may be at least partly due to the fact that there are simply more male drivers on our roads, and also the fact that male drivers drive many, many more vehicle miles compared to females. However, research also does seem to indicate that many unhealthy driving practices, including drunk driving and aggressive driving are more often linked to male drivers than female drivers.

The old adage about females being bad drivers may simply not hold true. Most studies find that across all types of collisions, it is male drivers, who are much more likely to be involved in accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, accidents involving male drivers tend to be much more serious. Men are less like ly to wear seat belts, and are much more likely to drive at excessive speeds. These are just two common factors that are very closely associated with a higher risk of serious injury or death in a crash .

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