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Memory Problems After Brain Injury Linked to Processing Deficit

Persons  who have suffered a brain injury may find it difficult to recall memories or make new memories.  This could possibly be a result of processing deficits as a result of a personal injury. Car accidents, slip and fall accidents and similar traumatic events may result in brain injuries which lead to a processing deficit.

A  brain injury can result in a number of cognitive and intellectual impairments. The person may suffer from concentration problems, cognitive  deficits and a lowered ability to understand  and grasp basic concepts and ideas.  One of the more troubling parts of life after a brain injury is limited memory function.  The  person may struggle to recall events, and even short term memory may be affected.  According  to new research, a brain injury can result in slowing down of processing times or a processing deficit which can, in turn, lead to memory dysfunction.  The findings of the study are important when you consider the fact that as many as 50% of patients who have suffered a brain injury  do suffer from some kind of memory dysfunction.

The researchers believe that rehabilitation after a brain injury can help with memory function to some extent.  They believe that therapy, especially occupational therapy techniques used during rehabilitation must include techniques to speed up processing speed.

Brain injuries are some of the most serious personal injuries that persons can suffer in auto accidents.  These  can occur in any type of auto accidents, but are especially more common when a person has been injured in a bicycle accident, motorcycle accident or pedestrian accident.  Bicyclists,  motorcyclists,  and pedestrians  have little protection in the event  of an accident. While  bicyclists and motorcyclists may have some amount of protection in the form of a helmet, they may not be   100% immune to the risk of a brain injury in an accident.     Pedestrians, however,  have it even worse  with zero protection against head injuries when they are struck by a car.

To protect yourself against head injuries in an accident, make sure that you are always wearing a seatbelt while driving a car.  Wear  a seatbelt even if you are traveling in the backseat.  Always  wear a helmet when you are riding a motorcycle or bicycle.  Not  just any helmet will do.  Your  helmet must meet  standards set by federal regulatory authorities.  Your  helmet must be not just certified, but also comfortable to wear. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times  when you are out walking – avoid listening to music or talking on the cell phone while crossing streets or intersections.

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