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Many Seniors Receive No Follow Up Care After Slip and Fall Accident

Follow up care is not just important, but also critical after a senior suffers injuries in a slip and fall accident, and yet, new studies find that far too many seniors receive no such after – fall care, resulting in serious consequences.

The new studies find that  as many as 59% of seniors receive no follow – up care after they have suffered personal injuries in a slip and fall accident.  This  is in spite of the fact that it is  well- established that follow up – care after a fall can help   seniors not just recover quickly, but also learn how to avoid falls in the future. It is also in spite of the fact that slip and fall accidents are a serious health concern for American seniors.  For example,  one in four seniors above the age of 65 is expected to suffer a slip and fall accident, sending 8 million persons to hospital   emergency rooms. Even more worrying is the fact that 27,000 seniors suffer fatal personal injuries in slip and fall accidents, while these accidents also contribute to 800,000 personal injuries every year.  In  spite of all these facts, many seniors do not return to the emergency room for follow – up visits after suffering head trauma in a fall.

The researchers focused on a group of 1,500 seniors who had suffered injuries in slip and fall accidents, and found that many of them had not returned to their primary care physician for a follow up in the weeks after the slip and fall accident.  When  seniors did visit a doctor for a follow-up, they were recommended physical therapy as a way to avoid future falls. Physical  therapy can help improve balance, gait, coordination and address other physical aspects of aging that can increase a senior’s risk of suffering a slip and fall accident.

In  the case of a fall at home, however, it is also important for modifications to be made to the senior’s home environment  to reduce the risk of a fall in the future.  These  modifications can include basic changes like installing sturdy handrails, installing grab bars in bathrooms and other areas and  placing shower mats.  Basic steps like removing clutter from the floor and eliminating the use of carpets and rugs can also provide a safer fall – proof environment for a senior.   Every senior who has suffered a fall should have access to such information from a  doctor.  Unfortunately, too many seniors who visit a  doctor after a fall get very little information about how they can prevent these accidents in the future.

Over  the next few weeks, conditions outside are going to get increasingly  wet, slippery and difficult to walk on.  If you are a senior, make sure you are wearing slip-proof shoes,  and avoid going outside in low visibility conditions.

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