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Many of Nation’s Deadliest Roads Run Through Georgia with the highest car accidents

A new list of the most dangerous roads in the country includes at least three interstates that run through the state of Georgia.  These highways are already very well known in the state for the large number of auto accidents that they see every year.

The list was compiled by Zebra car insurance company. The company used data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System to identify the states and cities that are home to the most dangerous roads in the country based on the number of car accidents and fatal crashes that occur on these roads. The company specifically looked at the number of car accident deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

Taking top position, to no one’s surprise is Interstate 95, a notoriously dangerous stretch of highway that has long been known for the large number of car accidents, including fatal auto accidents, that occur here. Interstate 95 has long held the title of the country’s most dangerous highway.  According to data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, a total of 284 people were killed in car accidents on interstate 95.  This highway has a fatality toll rate of 14.88 deaths for every 100,000 miles traveled. By any comparison, those are disturbing statistics.

The second most dangerous interstate in the country, according to the Zebra study, is Interstate 20 which cuts through the heart of metro Atlanta.  This highway winds through several other states and several major cities.   However, the metro Atlanta region is one of the most heavily populated cities on the I-20 route. All of these cities contribute to the car accident fatality rate on the highway. In 2019, a total of 200 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents on Interstate 20.

Yet another Georgia Highway finds a place on the 10 most dangerous highways list. Taking fourth spot on the list is I-75 which also cuts through Atlanta.  This highway was the scene of 237 car accident fatalities in 2019.

Some stretches of Highway like I -95 have long had a reputation for being dangerous for motorists with high car accident wrongful death rates.  However, there is much that motorists can do to keep themselves safe even when they are traveling on dangerous highways. The risk of auto accidents on these stretches of highway can be reduced if motorists keep to safe speeds while driving, and avoid the use of alcohol and drugs before they drive.

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