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Man Killed in Cobb County Motorcycle Accident

Man Killed in Cobb County Motorcycle Accident

A Smyrna resident has been killed in a motorcycle accident involving another biker in Cobb County.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the victim Anthony Tyrone Anderson was riding his motorbike behind another motorcyclist, Ronald Bagley. Bagley signaled that he was making a left turn, but when he began turning, Anderson’s motorcycle crashed into his bike. Anderson’s motorcycle was thrown across the road into several utility poles. He suffered fatal injuries.

As Cobb County motorcycle accident lawyers, we frequently come across passionate motorcycle enthusiasts who’ve been seriously injured in a crash. It’s important for all motorists and motorcyclists to drive safely, and maybe even more so, for a biker. These people have very little protection to prevent serious injuries in an accident. Helmets can prevent head injuries to a great extent, but may not be effective in all kinds of accidents. Besides, helmets may do nothing to prevent multiple body trauma injuries that often result in deaths or debilitating injuries. Non-helmeted motorcyclists of course, will have their risk of being injured or killed, increase sharply.

The high rates of motorcycle accident fatalities have been of greater concern to Cobb County personal injury lawyers. Many of these victims are young people in the prime of their lives, and it’s a great loss when we continue to lose such people in accidents like this one. In Georgia, we have been able to bring about significant changes in automobile accident fatality rates, including alcohol-related crashes and speed-related crashes. However, we have been seeing a reverse trend in motorcycle fatalities. Law enforcement agencies must collaborate to increase awareness, and reduce these fatality rates.

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