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Investigations into Fatal Georgia Tractor-Trailer Accident Continue

Law enforcement officials are still continuing their investigation into a fatal truck accident near Interstate 85 that left a woman dead.The truck accident occurred over the weekend and involved a blue Kenworth tractor.The tractor struck the woman outside a restaurant.She suffered fatal injuries and died.Accordingly, a wrongful death action may arise out of the collision. However, since the driver of the tractor-trailer did not remain at the scene, such a claim would need to be asserted against the deceased’s uninsured motorist insurance carrier.

A bulletin by the Hart County Sheriff’s Office has a description of the driver of the 18-wheeler, who left the scene of the accident.There’s nothing to indicate that the driver of the tractor-trailer was aware of the accident, or that it resulted in a fatality.Local Hart County officials are asking any witnesses who saw the tractor to contact them immediately.Police are asking people to look out for a damaged trailer.

Being involved in a commercial truck or tractor trailer accident is one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable.It’s not just the size of these vehicles that makes them so intimidating.It’s also the bulk that these vehicles pack into their large frames that places smaller vehicles at serious risk when they are involved in accidents.Not surprisingly to many truck accident lawyers, in any accident involving 18- wheelers and smaller vehicles, it is the occupants of the smaller car who are most at risk for injuries or deaths.Even when motorists survive these accidents, they may suffer from debilitating injuries that require extensive hospitalization, surgery and long-term care.

A tractor-trailer accident claim in Georgia can differ significantly from a regular auto accident claim.When a person is involved in an accident with a truck, he is dealing not just with the driver of the 18-wheeler, but also the trucking company that owns and operates the truck.In contrast, in an auto accident, it may only be you against the other motorist.

Dealing with a trucking company is a matter that is best left to an expert Atlanta truck accident attorney.It’s important to remember that it might have been the very first accident for you, but the trucking company has plenty of experience dealing with accidents involving its fleet of vehicles.Many trucking company maintain an in-house legal team, and these lawyers exist to make sure that damage control after an accident begins as quickly as possible.To this extent, you’re likely to find yourself being approached by representatives of the trucking company soon after accident.Remember, the main goal of the trucking company will be to limit its liability in the accident, and not to compensate you for your losses.

To protect your rights, it’s important that you limit your interaction with representatives of the trucking company, and consult with an Atlanta truck accident attorney.

The Atlanta truck accident lawyers at the Katz Personal Injury Lawyers represent victims who have been injured in tractor trailer and truck accidents in the metro Atlanta region and across Georgia.If you have been involved in a commercial trucking accident, consult an experienced lawyer at our firm.All initial consultations are free.

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