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How Passengers can Prevent Distracted Driving Car Accidents

If you are driving in a car with a driver who is texting at the wheel, then your chances of being involved in an auto accident increase significantly.  However, there is much that you can do as a passenger to avoid car accidents caused by distracted driving.

Most motorists are aware of the dangers of texting while driving, but unfortunately, that does not necessarily prevent many of them from using their texting devices while driving. Georgia has laws that ban sending or receiving text messages while driving, but there are far too many drivers who abuse cell phone privileges behind the wheel. However, passengers may have a big role to play in helping reduce the incidence of such behaviors.

Insurance provider Erie recently consulted with a psychologist, and provided tips for passengers who see the driver of the car texting while driving.  It is imperative that you speak up when you are traveling in a car and you see the driver texting while driving.  Erie’s advice is that you negotiate with the driver.  Tell him that if he or she really needs to be on his cell phone, you can take over his driving duties while he continues with his text messaging or cell phone conversation.  This makes the driver aware that you are uncomfortable with the fact that he is texting while driving, and also gives him an alternate option that allows him to continue texting  while ensuring  everyone’s safety.

If you have friends who frequently use their cell phones while driving, use a buddy system or partnership to break these dangerous habits. Make a pact to avoid cell phone use at the wheel for a specified period of time and hold each other accountable for sticking to the pact.  At the end of the day, texting while driving is a habit that can be broken given the right incentives and encouragement.

If all else fails, you can simply let the driver know how deeply uncomfortable you are with him using the cell phone while driving.  Make it clear that this is dangerous behavior that increases car accident risks, and that you do not want to be traveling with him when he is texting. Importantly, if the person refused to stop texting while driving, then stop riding with the person when they are driving.

Friends have a big role to play in influencing behaviors, even those related to driving safety.  The concept of a designated driver – a person who avoids drinking alcohol during an evening out so that he or she is sober enough to drive everybody home at the end of the evening – is a prime example of how relationships can be used to enhance motorist safety.  As the family member   or friend of a person who often engages in distracted driving behaviors like texting while driving, you can do your part to reduce the incidence of such behaviors.

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