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Highly Ranked Cars Less Likely to be Involved in Fatal Car Accidents

When motorists drive cars that have been ranked highly by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they are less likely to suffer fatal personal injuries in a car accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is one of several organizations that publishes safety rankings for automobiles.  Thousands of Americans who buy new cars every year depend on ratings by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,  Consumer Reports and other organizations.  For  them, these rankings form a critical component of the buying decision.

A  new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that when motorists are driving cars that have been highly ranked,  their  risks of suffering fatal personal injuries in an auto accident fall by 12% compared to vehicles that are ranked poorly. The  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety  focused on motorists driving cars that performed well on small overlap tests.  The  study found that  motorists  driving cars that performed better on small overlap tests in frontal car accidents  were less likely to suffer personal injuries in an auto accident.

Several independent organizations publish car ratings that are heavily relied on by consumers before making a decision.  Consumer  Reports, for instance, publishes ratings that are  used as the standard for motorists looking to buy a new car.  Apart  from Consumer Reports and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,  several government organizations rank cars based on their performance on safety crash tests. Insurance companies also regularly release their own rankings of automobiles based on safety performance.

Highly ranked cars do perform better overall on  parameters like roof strength,  the quality of airbags, and other important parameters that can dictate motorist safety.  Rankings  also rate automobiles based on their performance  on key parameters  including the reliability of the vehicle’s antilock braking systems and electronic stability control systems as well as other parameters. Motorists buying a sports utility vehicle, for instance, definitely want to consider the car’s performance in roof crush testing or rollover prevention before buying the car.  These informed buying decisions have actually resulted in a drop in the number of wrongful deaths caused by rollover car accidents every year. In  fact,  according to Consumer Reports, 65% of drivers admitted that they prioritized safety right at the top of the list when they purchased a car.

As cars become more complex and  include greater amounts of safety technology, it becomes even more important for   motorists to have access to comprehensive rankings and ratings of these technologies to enable and encourage drivers to make informed decisions for their safety.

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