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Georgia Seeks to Lower Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Education Initiative Aims to Lower Accident Statistics Across Georgia

Last month, Georgia State Patrol and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety launched a motorcycle safety education initiative, aimed at lowering the numbers of motorcycle crash statistics across the state. According to Georgia State Patrol, the safety education unit will provide motorcycle safe information at schools, clubs, military facilities and other locations across Georgia.

The safety education initiative comes as motorcycle accident fatality rates continue on their upward graph, causing concern to law enforcement officials, motorcycling groups as well as Georgia motorcycle accident lawyers. While other highway accident statistics have dropped steadily over the past decade, motorcycle accident fatalities have actually increased during the same period of time. Currently, motorcycle accident fatalities constitute 14 percent of all highway fatalities in the US. In 2007, 162 motorcyclists died in accidents in Georgia. 3,334 people were injured in these accidents.

Bringing these numbers down is imperative. We can’t afford to feel any sense of accomplishment in bringing down fatality rates in traffic accidents when motorcycle crash rates continue to remain at the same level they have been for years. As gasoline prices began to spike in 2005, more and more numbers of motorists in Georgia ditched their cars for fuel-efficient motorbikes. The result has been a corresponding increase in accidents and deaths.

There is no reason why these statistics should remain depressing. Nationwide, other states have had remarkable success in reducing motorcycle fatality rates. In California for instance, a stronger emphasis on motorcycle safety programs for new riders, has meant a drop in motorcycle-related fatalities.

We’re positive that this motorcycle safety education is a strong step towards the goal of bringing down these fatality statistics. In Georgia, the Department of Driver’s Services offers motorcycle safety training. We encourage all riders to enroll in these programs, to improve their chances of getting home safe after a ride.

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