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Georgia DOT Extends Connected Vehicle Pilot Program to More Areas

Drivers on Georgia’s roads and highways have no doubt seen them – the overhead warning signs of traffic problems up the road.  Road signs and warning signs are play an important role alerting drivers of upcoming dangers on the roads.  The Georgia Department of Transportation has decided to extend a data gathering program involving connected vehicles to more areas around the state.

The program is the latest phase of an initiative that was launched in 2019.  The initiative is a collaboration between the Georgia Department of Transportation, Panasonic, Kia Motors and The Ray, a transportation tech company.  The aim of the initiative was to gather data using vehicles connected to each other along limited stretches of highway. The first phase of the program involved four Georgia Department of Transportation vehicles that were connected with each other and collected data as they traveled frequently on routes along an 18 – mile stretch of interstate 85.

However, the program has now been expanded to cover rural areas and a greater number of vehicles. In this phase, the program will involve 7 Kia vehicles that are part of the connected vehicle environment. The aim is to collect real time traffic data as these vehicles travel every day. The difference between this phase and the previous phase is that the 7 Kia cars are being driven by employees who will be going about their daily lives and work routines, traveling to work and on errands, all the while gathering important data about the effectiveness of connected vehicle programs in ensuring motorist safety. The potential for data gathering is, therefore,  huge in this phase.

One aspect of connected vehicle technology that is specifically part of this project is the impact of driver alerts to rapid braking which can help prevent accidents.  Other alerts involve warnings that will be delivered to drivers if they drive above the speed limits in certain areas.  Drivers will be warned about the prevalent speed limit in that zone. The aim of the program is to gather enough data to understand how these technologies can help reduce accident risks and keep motorists safer when they are driving.

Georgia is just one of a few states around the country that are currently engaged in such pilot programs to confirm the value of connected vehicle systems that involve a convergence of technology with transportation. The potential for greater public benefit in terms of safety is immense, and it’s wonderful that Georgia seems to be taking the initiative in this area.  There are other aspects, including the smooth flow of transportation that are also a benefit of such technology, but the impact on safety and crash prevention will be a key aspect of these systems.

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