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Georgia a Leading State for Dog Bites

Georgia residents continue to be at a high risk of dog bites. In a recent study by State Farm, Georgia ranked at number nine in a list of the top 10 states in the country for dog bite incidences.
New statistics released reported by the insurer showed that State Farm paid out $3.8 million for 116 dog bite-related injury claims in Georgia in 2014. That places Georgia at number nine on the list of top 10 states for dog bite claims in the country. State Farm did not provide more data about the injury claims or the breeds of dogs that were involved in these attacks.

The high rate of dog bites in Georgia is a serious problem for residents of the Peach State, especially because dog bite laws here make it much more difficult for plaintiffs to recover damages after a bite, compared to other states. In California, for instance, the law allows for strict liability in dog bite claims. That means that a person who has been injured in a dog bite can recover damages, even if it was the dog’s first bite and even if the owner had no previous knowledge of his dog’s vicious tendencies.

The law in GA is different and puts more burden on the injured person to prove that the dog was dangerous or vicious, and that the owner was careless.In most cases, proving that the dog was aggressive is insufficient.However, it’s always best to contact an experienced dog bite lawyer, as they can review the implications of other factors such as leash law ordinances and property owner’s insurance benefits.

If you were injured in a dog bite in an Atlanta, take steps to protect your rights. Get medical help for your injuries, and take down the information of any witnesses at the scene. Get in touch with animal control, and report the bite immediately.

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