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Experts: Size and Speed — Key Factors When Choosing Car for a Teen Driver

While many teen drivers operate their cars safely, other teen  drivers have an enhanced  risk of auto accidents. Therefore, parent must be careful  when it comes to buying a car for their teenager.

Whether you are buying a car for a newly licensed teen driver or a car for a teen driver with a couple years driving experience under their belt, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Consumer Reports have a list of the safest cars to buy for teen motorists in America. The list contains both used as well as new cars, and the researchers have gone to great lengths to find affordable cars considering the high price of cars in the market right now.

So what do you look for when you buy a car for your young driver?  For most parents, the biggest considerations are price and safety.  The list provides several options of care that should be within your budget, but also relatively safe.

It is important to keep in mind that safety should not be compromised when it comes to a teen driver with limited experience.  When it comes to safety, many parents consider the size of the car. This is due to the fact that smaller cars come with their own unique dangers.  The risk of being injured in a car accident is much higher when you are an occupant or a driver of a smaller car.  SUVs and pickup trucks offer much better protection, but also come with their own risks as well.  An SUV, for instance, could have a much greater stopping distance which makes it a problem for your teen driver who may not react as quickly to a dangerous situation, placing him or her at risk of being involved in a rear-ender auto accident.  Moderately-sized cars, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, are the best choice.  These cars offer protection from the kind of serious personal injuries that smaller cars cannot protect against,  while also being easier to navigate  and maneuver  compared to SUVs and pickup trucks.

Most teenage drivers would prefer a car with an engine with signficant horsepower, but this is one factor  that parents should not compromise on.  Remember,  that no matter how responsible your teen driver , he or she is susceptible to peer pressure and impulsiveness.  Teenagers  are more   likely to show off, especially when they are driving with friends.  A  powerful car in a situation like this could be a recipe for disaster. Sports cars should definitely be off your list.

A slightly higher budget will allow you to buy a car with a greater amount of safety technology in place. Such technology includes intersection assist, heads up display, blind spot warnings, lane assist and crash warning software. However, if  that is not in your budget, then at least buy a car that has some basic auto safety technology such as anti-lock brakes and blind spot warnings.

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