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Elderly Woman Escapes Injuries in Dog Attack in Marietta

Elderly Woman Escapes Injuries in Dog Attack in Marietta

An elderly woman, who was chased by a pair of pit bulls as she walked her dog outside her Marietta apartment building, was lucky enough to escape without any serious bites. The dogs are currently in the possession of Cobb County animal control officers.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the woman was walking her dog in the breezeway of her apartment complex when the two dogs began to chase her Jack Russell terrier. The woman tried to fight off the two dogs and in the process, sustained injuries to her nose and hands. The owner of the two dogs has handed them over to Cobb County animal control officers, and they are being tested for rabies. The owner will likely be cited for failure to control his animals, having a vicious animal and for failure to have current rabies vaccination.

We can now expect a torrent of support from pit bull lovers who continue to insist that dog bite lawyers in Atlanta wrongly focus on these breeds as being particularly vicious.We will admit that we are dog lovers ourselves. We will also admit that other breeds of dogs are also likely to be involved in attacks.But there’s no denying that pit bulls are involved in more numbers of attacks than other breeds.There’s also no denying that many attacks involving pit bulls tend to be serious.

Regardless of the breed however, responsible dog ownership is the most essential factor in preventing these attacks. In the case here, the dog owner was not even able to produce his animals’ rabies vaccination records. This is a prime example of poor and irresponsible dog ownership. Part of owning a dog is making sure that they are secure and leashed at all times, and that they are in safe enclosure through which they cannot escape. The dog must be exercised regularly and must have all his vaccinations on schedule.

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