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Crashed Cars Increase Risk of Accidents

An investigation by CBS, Atlanta in April exposed a Roswell-based car dealership that concealed accident damage on the vehicles they sold, with sometimes disastrous consequences.

The dealership Ultra Cars, the investigation found, used to purchase cars that had frame damage at auctions, and sell these to customers. Those earlier car accidents were not reflected in Carfax reports, and gullible customers who walked into the dealership had no way of knowing that the car they were buying had earlier been in a major wreck. Frame damage can affect the structure of the car, and consequently its safety. The damage can decrease the value of a car and investigations revealed that salesmen at Ultra Cars didn’t reveal to customers the fact that the car had suffered accident damage earlier. At least one Ultra Car customer who was sold an accident-damaged-car has been involved in an accident. Keith Newton survived the crash, but the accident could have had fatal consequences. Later, he found that the car he had been sold had only been given a cosmetic patch-up job to cover major damage sustained in an accident.

The dealership has now closed down, but not before selling their vehicles to another dealership nearby. With most of Ultra Car’s vehicles sold to a new owner, the dangers from these cars haven’t disappeared yet.

Cars that have been badly damaged in an accident can place the driver at a high risk of sustaining serious injuries. The body of the car has already been rendered weak by the earlier crash, and it could easily crumple during a second impact. The air bags may not deploy, and there may be other problems that place you at risk of an accident. The injuries caused by a weak frame can be devastating. You’re talking about the frame of car, the main line of protection for you during impact. If the frame structure collapses during an accident, it leaves you with absolutely no protection for the severe injuries that are almost certain to occur.

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