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Company Introduces Inflatable Motorcycle Vest to Prevent Injuries

Motorcyclists are often seriously injured when involved in a crash. The most deadly of those injuries are head injuries. However, other injuries, including those that affect the person’s neck and back may also leave a rider or passenger severely injured. One company has introduced an inflatable vest that will help reduce the risk of motorcycle injuries in an accident.
The inflatable vest has been developed by Spidi, and the vest is called the Neck DPS Airbag Tex Vest.According to Spidi, wearing the lightweight vest provides additional protection to riders and passengers who may be involved in a fall or collision.

The vest has a double cushion that wraps itself around the neck region, reducing the risk of serious or fatal injuries in an accident. Wearing the vest also allows the motorcyclist to roll on the ground after impact, thereby reducing the potential for serious injuries when the person lands on asphalt. The vessel inflates in .2 seconds after a rider is thrown from their bike, and inflates with carbon dioxide from a canister. It is fairly lightweight at 420 grams. The vest can simply be remove after use, and recharged.

Neck injuries in a motorcycle accident can leave a person completely or partially paralyzed, and in serious cases, result in death. A neck or spinal fracture can occur even if a person is wearing a helmet. There are few devices currently available to help reduce the risk of these types of injuries, which have terrible emotional and economic impacts on victims and their families.

A person who is left partially or completely paralyzed as a result of a neck injury usually faces many challenges with returning to work.They may also need part or full-time assistance with tasks we take for granted now, such as bathing, dressing or eating.

Persons who have suffered neck injuries in a motorcycle accident may be able to recover compensation for medical costs, lost income, property damage and other losses the accident. Speak to an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer about your options if you or a loved one has been involved in a biking accident.

And most importantly, ride safe!

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